Sunday, 27 February 2011

Our New Home

We finally decided to downsize and with that decision came the question of whether to build or buy an existing home.  Due to my high standards we decided to go down the building path again, making this our fourth home that we were building.  Some would think I'm crazy but we had all good experiences previously and hope that this will also be a good one.
Camped out for our land in April 2010 and since we were second on the list , we were successful in securing the block we needed to suit the house style we wanted.  We had visited nearly every show home and builder in NSW and Eden Brae's quality and great customer service stood out.  Our sales consultant Bede was helpful from the day of our very first visit when we didn't even have a block of land.  He took the time to go through all our requirements , adjust and provide us with options.  He made our choice of builder an easy decision to make.
I took the Hayman 28 and changed it to suit my needs taking advantage of the 2 sq increase option that was on offer at that time.

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