Saturday, 30 July 2011

Stunning Saturday!

Magical Saturday in Sydney today.  Fantastic weather which is a big improvement on the rain last weekend.  Feels like Spring already.

The concretor had been at the house this morning to make the saw cuts on the driveway and wash it down.  He came back later in the day to check if it was dry so that he could seal it.  Told us that he will be back on Monday to give it a coat of colour sealant.  That should even out the colour and make it a little darker.  Oh, you may also notice the stacked tile border.  Silly me, didn't notice that they had done the border on Thursday.  Thank god I didn't ring the SS and complain, would have looked like a real fool.

In other news, the Riverbank bridge seems to be coming along.  Work men were busily working on it today.  

The Ponds newsletter says it will be finished by the end of August,  I honestly can't see how.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Okay, you should all know me so well by now.  Yes, the driveway was finished today.  We decided to have a  plain coloured concrete driveway with the stacker tile border.  Was originally going to be black but I changed it to Sandy Beige, at the last minute.  Just felt that with the black brick, the black driveway would have been way too much.
Quite happy with the colour and I was right it does contrast better with the black brick but... what happened to the border?  Will have to ask the SS.  You can judge for yourself with the pictures below:

Formwork done

Since the front door was open, decided to do a quick tour.  Saw the shower screens and mirrors in my ensuite for the first time.

Nice clean windows

Clean kitchen
Expecting the fencing and portaloo to be taken away soon.  Can't wait.

Monday, 25 July 2011


We have a practical completion inspection date!  I was so happy  I could have cried.  Cannot believe we are reaching the end of this build process, even though it's been virtually problem free.  Got an email from our CSO at Eden Brae this morning to advise that we have reached practical completion.  She advised that the SS would be contacting us soon to book in the inspection appointment.  She even included the final invoice. 
Within the hour the SS contacted me to book in the appointment for next Tuesday.  How efficient is that?  According to the email from our CSO settlement can be approximately 7 days from inspection or when the practical completion sheet is signed off by us. 
Ben went over to the house this morning and the cleaners were already there.  He advised that the windows had already been cleaned.   The sink and taps have been installed in the 3rd toilet (the boy's room)  as well.
So, we're now counting down to our PCI and handover.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Outdoor Rooms/Landscaping concepts

Time to consider our options with the landscaping of our outdoor area.  I have been looking through magazines, trawling through the net and visited some display homes to get some ideas of what we can do.
From the alfresco to the back fence we have an area of 4m by 7m.  We'll be extending the alfresco to the back fence to make this one large outdoor area, ending up with a total of 7m by 7m of outdoor space.  Of course, the alfresco is already under the original roof and we want to add a pergola from the end of the alfresco to the fence.  The paving/concreting will be extended from the alfresco to the fence as well, maintaining one consistent level.  I want to incorporate our BBQ into this space.  We should end up with a large enough area to also have a seating area similar to the pictures below.

This is similar to what we want done from the alfresco
to the fence.

This is another option for extending the area to the

Alfresco and seating area 
Side of outdoor area
I would ideally like to have some walls built along the fence, like the pictures below, and have them wide enough to provide additional seating.  

Like these feature wall panels

Seating incorporated into the wall

Along the side of the house, we decided the best option at this stage is to use stepping stones and pebbles, like the pictures below.

Will be getting some decorative wall panels to use as features in our outdoor area.  

Now that we have a good idea of what we need, the big question is, how much is all this going to cost?  We're prepared to do some of the work ourselves, especially the building of the pergola, we've done it before.  Will definitely need someone to do the flooring and walls though.  Time to get some quotes. 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Bug Bears

Eden Brae's overall quality of workmanship has been outstanding.  Up until this stage we really couldn't  fault them for anything.  Now that we've reached almost the end and fit out is complete, we have noticed a few little things that will have to be raised with our SS. 

1.  Step at front door is rendered but not painted

2.  Laundry door painted with the undercoat but not painted gloss Woodland Grey on the outside.

3.  Cracked tiles need to be replaced behind all toilets, 2 done - 1 to go.

4.  Sink and tap to be installed in Toilet 3
5.  Touch up of painting in certain areas

6.  Skirting boards need another coat of paint
7.  Island bench doors are mismatched (Princess S's biggest bug bear)

You need to look at the picture closely

8.  Hole in garage wall.

9.  Gaps around 2 ducted vacuum vents (the electrician seemed to care very little about the quality of his work)

To be quite honest, I had a few more things on my list but the SS has already had those issues fixed.  Ben braved the rain and went there yesterday and found green dots on all the items needing to be fixed.  Some of those things we hadn't  noticed previously.  So our SS is being very thorough.  
On a positive note, Eden Brae called me today to advise that they are raising the final invoice.  Yay,  which means that I should be getting a call any day now from our SS advising of a PCI date.

Monday, 18 July 2011

The lights are on, but no one's home!

We are electrified.  Someone kindly put globes in the light points so when we went by tonight, we didn't need our torch as we could just flick a switch. Very convenient.  Here are some pictures of the house tonight.

Princess S's room

Entry and Hallway

Main Bathroom
Butlers Pantry

Noticed that our front door has been stained as well now.  The painter told me he had the ideal colour to match the timber beam and he was right, it really looks good and does match perfectly.

The stuff up by the electrician with the broken splash back tiles has also been rectified today, thanks to the fantastic tiler Hunter.  I was worried about how he was going to remove the cracked tiles and it seems he managed to do a perfect job.



He also fixed the tiles behind the toilets, as the plumber had to crack these tiles to install the toilets flush to the wall.

We hope the next step is the installation of the shower screens,  shelving to the butler's pantry, installation of the mirrors and the big clean up prior to the PCI.  Our driveway is due to start this week, weather permitting.  Come on SS, give us a PCI date.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's a Celebration!

Today's my birthday and I have been celebrating all day.  So much happened so far this week at the house with the plumbing and electrical fit out completed.  The doors have had the locks installed and it means we really can't get in now.  We have to ring the SS or sneak in when a tradie is working on the house.  Here are some pictures of the fittings so far.
Toilet roll holders

Towel rail in main bathroom

Towel rail in ensuite

IXL tastics in both bathrooms

Alfresco gas fitting

Mixer tap in ensuite

Door handles 

Power point to island bench

Alarm control panel

Ducted vacuum outlet

Just a bit annoyed with the electrician though.  When I went over there today noticed that they attempted to cut the kitchen splash back tile to fit the power point but cracked it instead.  Phoned the SS and asked if he can ensure that this is fixed.  He assured me that he has arranged for the tiler to return and fix the cracked tile.  I hope he means that it will be removed and replaced with a new tile. Furthermore, the plumber had to break the skirting tiles in the toilets to install the toilets which have to fit flush against the wall.  If you look at the picture below closely you'll notice the broken tiles behind the toilet.  The SS assures me he has already organised this to be fixed as well.  Lets see what happens.


With the driveway booked in for next week there doesn't seem much more left for Eden Brae to do except the cleaning of course.   It would have just made my day if the SS called with a PCI date today.  Will just wait in anticipation....