Monday, 11 July 2011

Taps, toilets and a....bathtub?

The plumbing fit out has been completed at the house today.  All the toilets and taps have been installed.  I really like the goose neck tap on my island bench.

Pin Lever Sink Mixer - Gooseneck Outlet

 I chose the acqua sink mixer for the butlers pantry.

All the vanities have the Irwell Pin lever basin mixers

Pin Lever

Showers have been fitted with Irwell Invigra Hand Held shower and rail and pin lever mixers.


Pin Lever Bath/Shower Mixer

These are the toilets that we let Ben choose, it's the one thing he was allowed to have some input on.   Gallery Leonardo wall faced, soft close toilets were fitted to all the toilets.

We even had a bath tub delivered today, even though we're buying our own freestanding bath and getting it installed after handover.  Nice of them, but no thanks.

The guy from Stegbar was also at the house today to measure for the mirrors, showers and shelving.  Fitting of these things should be done within 10 days.


  1. That's great news Thigee! It feels great doesn't it, knowing that the end is not far..

    Not long now!

  2. How good is that!!! I'm hoping this happens at ours this week too:)

  3. Oh I am so hoping that it we get a PCI date soon. Electrical fit out is due some time this week then the driveway next week. Just the cleaning left. Pray for me please!

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