Saturday, 30 July 2011

Stunning Saturday!

Magical Saturday in Sydney today.  Fantastic weather which is a big improvement on the rain last weekend.  Feels like Spring already.

The concretor had been at the house this morning to make the saw cuts on the driveway and wash it down.  He came back later in the day to check if it was dry so that he could seal it.  Told us that he will be back on Monday to give it a coat of colour sealant.  That should even out the colour and make it a little darker.  Oh, you may also notice the stacked tile border.  Silly me, didn't notice that they had done the border on Thursday.  Thank god I didn't ring the SS and complain, would have looked like a real fool.

In other news, the Riverbank bridge seems to be coming along.  Work men were busily working on it today.  

The Ponds newsletter says it will be finished by the end of August,  I honestly can't see how.

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  1. Hi Thigee, I met with your brother yesterday. He was doing some plumbing work at his house. What a handy man :)

    I saw your driveway too, looks like your house it's all done from where I'm standing :)