Thursday, 28 July 2011


Okay, you should all know me so well by now.  Yes, the driveway was finished today.  We decided to have a  plain coloured concrete driveway with the stacker tile border.  Was originally going to be black but I changed it to Sandy Beige, at the last minute.  Just felt that with the black brick, the black driveway would have been way too much.
Quite happy with the colour and I was right it does contrast better with the black brick but... what happened to the border?  Will have to ask the SS.  You can judge for yourself with the pictures below:

Formwork done

Since the front door was open, decided to do a quick tour.  Saw the shower screens and mirrors in my ensuite for the first time.

Nice clean windows

Clean kitchen
Expecting the fencing and portaloo to be taken away soon.  Can't wait.


  1. It makes such a difference once its been cleaned! Looks great!

  2. Looking good :) I agree, the light driveway looks great - i think black wouldve been too much dark also ;)

  3. Love the house visible through your clean windows!

  4. LOL Caz, I love that house that you can see through my front window as well. Can't believe how quick it went up.
    Thanks guys, btw the border went on today. Thankfully, I didn't ring the SS to ask. I would have sounded so stupid.

  5. Tonia, went past your house yesterday. The garage door was open and looks like you moved in. Could see your chaise in your bedroom. Looking lovely.

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