Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Bug Bears

Eden Brae's overall quality of workmanship has been outstanding.  Up until this stage we really couldn't  fault them for anything.  Now that we've reached almost the end and fit out is complete, we have noticed a few little things that will have to be raised with our SS. 

1.  Step at front door is rendered but not painted

2.  Laundry door painted with the undercoat but not painted gloss Woodland Grey on the outside.

3.  Cracked tiles need to be replaced behind all toilets, 2 done - 1 to go.

4.  Sink and tap to be installed in Toilet 3
5.  Touch up of painting in certain areas

6.  Skirting boards need another coat of paint
7.  Island bench doors are mismatched (Princess S's biggest bug bear)

You need to look at the picture closely

8.  Hole in garage wall.

9.  Gaps around 2 ducted vacuum vents (the electrician seemed to care very little about the quality of his work)

To be quite honest, I had a few more things on my list but the SS has already had those issues fixed.  Ben braved the rain and went there yesterday and found green dots on all the items needing to be fixed.  Some of those things we hadn't  noticed previously.  So our SS is being very thorough.  
On a positive note, Eden Brae called me today to advise that they are raising the final invoice.  Yay,  which means that I should be getting a call any day now from our SS advising of a PCI date.


  1. I think we all end up with little bits and pieces that annoy us! We've still got gaps in places and I scratch my head wondering what the hell they are waiting for to fix it! Final invoice and stickers already - your SS is likely to call any minute now to schedule PCI. Hope the rain stops soon so your driveway can be done.

  2. Kylie, doesn't look like the rain will stop this week, so looks like our driveway will be left for next week. Hope the SS rings soon!