Sunday, 10 July 2011

Picasso visited my house...

...and what a good job he did.  The painting of our house has been finished.  It's looking good.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Media room doors painted

My picture alcoves all painted

Family room painted

Master Bedroom doors stained and varnished

Pantry doors painted

Bulkhead complete and painted

The exterior of the house has been finished as well.  The rendered portion was painted to match the garage door, paperbark.  The wooden beam was painted to match the front door.

Front of the house painted, site cleaned

Finally met with our SS , Stephen yesterday and he told us that the plumbing and electrical fit out is due next week.  The driveway is booked in for the week of the 19/07.  He still won't say when he expects the PCI, hope it's soon.
Today I had a busy morning meeting with a few suppliers for shutter quotations and probably the final quote for the wardrobes.  I have the fence quotes done now so I will be forwarding those to the neighbours next week to get their approval.  Hoping we can have the fences done soon after we move in.


  1. Looking great Thigee, it makes all the difference once the walls are painted doesn't it?!

  2. AMAZING Thigee, just amazing!!! Love all the paint colour choices and the render colour too. It all matches beautifully!!

  3. Thanx ladies, quite happy with the results so far. Front door still needs to be stained, painter is waiting for a day thats not windy.

  4. I've been waiting for our front door to be stained too - spys tell me it may have happened today. Love your media room doors too. As usual, I'm envious of your progress lol!

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