Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday Frenzy!

So much happening at the house today.  Ben went over early this morning, while I was still asleep, recovering from the flu.  He came back around lunch time to report that the solar panels for the solar electricity has been installed.  The control box was installed to our internal garage wall.

The tiler, Hunter and his side kick where back to finish the shower niches and grout all the tiling.  Very impressed with the end result on the main bathroom.  The workmanship of the Di Lorenzo tilers is of a very high standard.  They make up for the small stuff ups that Di Lorenzo make.

Close up of shower niche

Mirrors yet to be installed

The carpenter Wayne was busy installing all the doors and architraves.  He is trying to finish by Monday, so that the painter can start without any delay.  Luckily Ben told Wayne that we were getting the bamboo floors done after handover.  He adjusted the doors to allow for only a 22mm gap, normally they are hung with a 30cm gap to allow for carpet.  
Cavity sliding media room doors
will be painted gloss White Smoke

Pantry door , to be painted gloss White Smoke

So good to see more progress at the house.  We see every little thing as a step forward.  Just happy that things are still moving along nicely.


  1. Finger lickn good, Thigee!!

  2. Lookin' lovely! Especially now that the grout is in. I found the Di Lorenzo bathroom tilers did a great job too. Our neighbours who are also building with EB have had some shocking tiling done. Pot luck.

  3. Thanks ladies, looking forward to the end of this week when the painting is finished. Hoping that the driveway gets done soon after and we have a PCI date. Praying!