Wednesday, 29 June 2011

OMG, OMG, Oh my God!

OMG, Hunter, the rock star tiler, was back to finish his work.   He managed to complete our ensuite after finally getting the Baroque wallpaper feature tile.  Thinking maybe I should have used more of the feature, but then again, less is more.  My ensuite is sooo big.  Didn't realize and couldn't really tell until now that the painting and tiling is done.

Shower niche still has to be tiled.

Mirrors to be installed after painting

Speaking of painting, met with the painting supervisor, Rob and he advised that his team will be starting the next two coats of paint on Monday and should be finished with all painting, including the outdoor painting by the end of next week.
The carpenter, Wayne was back this week as well.  He was finishing the architraves and the skirting boards so the painter can continue with his work.  My bedroom door has finally been hung.  When I chose it I was a bit concerned about how it would look but now I'm so glad I chose this door.  It's made up of two shades of wood and will look great when it's varnished.  Will also look really nice with our dark wooden floors.

Now onto the best part, OMG, my kitchen bench top was finally installed on Monday, Night Sky Caesarstone.  Always liked this colour from the first time I saw it and was determined to use it in my kitchen.  It compliments the kitchen cupboards quite well, I think.  The installation of the bench top means that Hunter could finish the splash back tiling.  OMG, OMG it looks amazing.  I love it when a plan comes together.  Really happy with the end result.  The stainless steel appliances should finish everything off quite well.

changing kickboards to stainless steel

Love the large island bench 
Hunter is due back on Friday to finish the grouting and all the shower niches with the feature tiles.  Every time I  look at these pictures I just want to wipe down my kitchen cupboards and clean my bathrooms.  


  1. That kitchen is looking so good. Splashback tile is a real statement! Benchtop is gorgeous too. You should be very content Thigee!

  2. Kylie, thanks we are quite happy with the result so far. Needs a good clean though.
    Waiting for that ugly bulk head to be fixed, pantry door to be installed and the final painting to be done. Did you notice that my ensuite tile is similiar to your kids bathroom tile?

  3. wow...I always wonder what is happening on the inside??? Very exciting..you are so close! We have a slab!! So much farther to go!!

  4. Thanks guys, I like the dramatic splash back as well. Hoping we don't have too long to go before we get our keys.

  5. Looking wonderful Thigee!! It's great when it all starts to come together :)