Wednesday, 8 June 2011

gyp... ROCK ON!

Yes, you guessed it...we have walls.  I am beside myself with delight.  Ben says he went over around midday today and there was a team of Asian super plasterers  frantically working on the house.  They had a female supervisor who was cracking the whip.   At the rate they were going Ben thought they'd be done today but she said they'll be finished tommorow.
Plasterer doing the bulkheads of our entrance ceiling
 I braved the cold and dark and went over there tonight.  I had to see what it was looking like so far.  Obviously they weren't totally finished but I got a pretty good idea of  how it will all look.  These pictures were taken around 7pm.

Front Entrance 

Master Bedroom

More pictures to follow tomorrow when it's all done.

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  1. wow, it's certainly looking like a home now....how exciting!!!
    Helen M xx