Saturday, 4 June 2011

Done and Dusted!

Well, we had a productive day at the house today.  Went over there around 10.30 am and met with our lovely neighbours, fellow blogger,  Skypiea and his wife.  What nice people!  So glad we have good neighbours on our end of  Copper Street.  We spent about an hour having a good laugh with them before they left to do their tile selection (and spend more dollars) at Di Lorenzo.
We also had Mike from Ezyclip fences come over to measure up for the fence quote.  Ben and my son Thees got to work doing the extra power points, TV and data wiring.  Skypiea gave Ben the fantastic idea of the Network hub and this inspired Ben and Thees to run some cable for that as well.  We will buy the hub ourselves.  I hope we remembered everything.  Will go over tomorrow to draw all of this onto a spare floor plan for reference later on.

Super T, up in the roof cavity
I kept myself busy with what started off as just a dusting of the frame to prepare for the gyprock but ended up being a full on sweep out of the entire house.  I couldn't believe how much of mud there was on our floors and couldn't just leave it that way, especially with gyprock going up next week.

Master bedroom after I swept it, notice the pile
of dirt at the bottom of the picture.

By the end of the day, we finished at about 4.30 pm, I was well and truly dusted. The following picture is proof of that.


  1. Bring on the gyprock!! Can I ask what a network hub is?

  2. Karla, apparently it is some sort of box from which you run numerous internet connections to all over the house. Maintains the speed of the internet instead of using wireless which becomes slower when a few computers are hooked up to it. Yopz is the expert I think.

  3. Good work Thigee - come clean my place too pls? lol

  4. It was great meeting you and Ben on Saturday. We are looking forward and waiting impatiently to move in to the new house now :)

    Karla, just like Thigee said it is where you can connect your modem for the internet and then run it to the entire house. It is faster and more reliable. I have it installed by Metricon and I will share my electrical plan for you if you like so you can see how I am actually doing it.