Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Settling In

It seems like all I've been doing since moving into this new home, is clean.  The builders clean was pretty bad.  The installation of the wooden floors didn't help as it created a whole lot of dust.  I have been wiping down skirting boards and window frames.  Thankfully, we don't have window coverings as yet as it would have been a major job to clean those.
We had more furniture delivered this week.  Our square dining table and 8 chairs were delivered.

My son's new queen size bed together with new mattresses for him and Princess A were delivered as well.  The inside of the house is slowly taking shape and starting to look a lot neater as the wardrobes and fit out of my walk in robe were finally done today.  I say finally, as the supplier we decided to use moved the installation dates on us twice.  They called yesterday to move it again to this Friday.  Ben demanded they keep their scheduled booking for today.  So Perfect Wardrobes from Smithfield were far from perfect when it came to turning up to do the job.  The guy they sent had a major attitude problem as well.  You'd think he was paying us for the installation of the cupboards.  Well at least they're done now.
Princess S's cupboards with mirror
Last Saturday we had my son's mates Richie, Bazza and Lloyd  come over to excavate around the house.  He levelled the yard so that we can start the landscaping.  Dug up the clay soil so we can add good soil for the base of the lawn and organic mix for the garden beds.  Thanks guys for a great job.

Our little nephew Blake wanted to help

The next step is the concrete pathway to my washing line and the concrete slab for the air con unit and Ben's shed.  The concreter started with the form work on Monday and he should be pouring the concrete on Saturday.  So heaps happening through the week and heaps of money spent as well.  More spending to come I'm sure. 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Our first week.

Where do I begin....for starters it's been a hectic and tiring week.  We started our move to the new house on Wednesday and finally finished on Saturday afternoon.  Installation of our wooden floors was booked in for Thursday but they called to postpone the installation until Monday 22/08.  Was a bit annoying but we had to grin and bear it.
The bamboo was delivered on Friday afternoon and the installation started on Monday after a few delays as the underlay hadn't been delivered.  Furthermore, I had a run in with the supplier from Rug World as I clearly told him I needed a brushed stainless steel  trim around the island bench.  He was adamant that it was not mentioned to him.  To be quite honest, the organisational skills of this guy needs urgent attention.  We only used him for the supply of the floors as he was the only supplier who had the particular colour we wanted.  He was far more expensive than Just Floors, who were also easier to deal with.  The saving grace was the  fantastic installer we had.  He was friendly and his workmanship was impeccable as you can see from the end result.  We all totally love the way the floors have turned out.  They really finish off our interior and all the colours blend in well.  The floors remind me of Lindt Dark chocolate.

Installers on the first day

Here's a sneak peak of the finished floors, more pictures to follow when we finish each room.

Ben organised with one of the brickies doing the bricklaying across the road to brick in our postbox.  He did it within a couple of hours and we just have to acid wash it in a week and get the sandstone cap for the top.

Our bath was delivered yesterday, we just have to get the tap fittings.  The stove and dishwasher was installed today.  It looks massive.  Stay tuned for more updates and pictures.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

We have keys!

What a busy day.  Started my day off with an early meeting with our SS at the house.  Went through the list we made on PCI day of what needed to be finished.  Nearly everything was done, except for the internal clean.  The cleaner was sick and our SS promised he would be at the house at 7 am tomorrow morning to clean.  SS was not happy to present a partly cleaned house.
Finished our inspection by 10.15 am and rushed off to Norwest to meet with our CSR for an 11 am appointment for handover.  Sara was very thorough in explaining all our warranties, certificates and then presenting us with the keys.  She was keen to hear of how we rated the build process with Eden Brae.  Since we had hardly any problems we only had good feedback to give her.  Felt good to walk out of EB's head office with a large folder of information, two bottles of wine  nicely presented in a leather case and our keys of course.

CSR, Sara and I at handover

Rushed off to pick up my mother- in- law so she could do the traditional blessing of the house.  It was late afternoon before we started moving things into our new home.  My son will be staying there tonight to watch over things until all the furniture is moved in.  It's now 11.20 pm and I am totally wiped out.  So goodnight all.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I'm coming home!

I have been humming this song all day.  Handover is scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday 17/08/11.   That's exactly 21 weeks since Eden Brae started and 5 weeks ahead of schedule.  We will be starting the floors on Thursday.  My mother in law is booked in as well to do the traditional blessing of the our new home.  The big move will follow thereafter.
Once the floors are finished, the installation of the wardrobes are due.  Really need this to be done so that we can pack all our clothes and neaten the bedrooms.  Ordered the blinds and shutters from Jay at Bosetti Blinds but they won't be ready for a few weeks so we'll be using our own makeshift window coverings for a while.
While we were preparing for handover, we met with a few landscape gardeners.  This whole exercise proved to be very interesting and we learnt heaps.  These guys had some great ideas and this helped us to finalise exactly what look we  wanted for our garden and alfresco area.  I always knew that I wanted a formal garden and felt that it would best suit the style of our house .  So I am sticking to what I want with a lot of hedges and geometric shapes. Adding a rose garden as well as I love the standard roses.  Ben's only stipulation is that our garden must be low maintenance.  I totally agree as the whole reason for the downsize from the large two storey house was to make our lives simpler.  Met a great guy, Mark from Beach Designs and he is preparing a quote for us to do our decking in the back garden.  We saw Mark's workmanship and he did a fantastic job on that deck.  He gave us some great design ideas as well.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so wish me luck.

Monday, 15 August 2011

2 sleeps to go...

What a busy day today.  The flooring  guy called to ask if he could do his final check measure.  Called our SS who kindly met us at the house to give us access.  Waited nearly two hours for the floor guy to arrive as he sent me a text to advise that he was running late.  Our patient SS was kind enough to wait with us and in that time he noticed a few things on the list that still needed to be done.  Shelving to the pantry and drainage pipes not capped off.  So he was on his phone to get that done urgently.  Our hot water system has been installed and the appliances will be installed when the flooring is finished.
Packing up the house we are now in, is well on it's way.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's the final countdown!

Three sleeps to handover.  Spent our morning at Bunnings buying a few things we need for when we move in.  Haven't been there for ages and I was surprised at how much they stock.
Spent the rest of our day packing boxes for our big move.   Fitted in a few visits from friends and families along the way.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

So much to do...so little time!

Had a busy Saturday today.  Woke early and went with Ben to pick up our TV antenna that he ordered last week.  Also bought our clotheslines which we will most definitely need once we move in.  Debated on what would best suit our backyard and finally decided on the Hills Duo fold down lines.  Gives us 23m of hanging space.  We bought two of them as we have enough space on our back wall to fit them.

Supa Fold Duo Midnight Sky
Back at the house, the bricks have been cleaned again and the portaloo has been taken away.  Met another new neighbour Matt, who is owner building. Excavation on his block was completed on Thursday and the slab starts on Monday.  Also met our neighbour J who is still deciding on what he's going to build on his block.
Starting packing and cleaning up the house that we're in at the moment.  The removalist is booked in for the end of the week.  Still so much to do though.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Approaching Handover...YAY

Through the week we've noticed that the final items are being completed in preparation for handover.  The laundry door has finally been painted woodland grey.  The missing down pipe has been installed and painted.  Today someone has been busy doing all the paint touch ups. 
On Saturday the driveway was re sealed and the boundary fences removed.  Still have the portaloo but that should go this week and the house, inside and out will be cleaned again.
The SS called today and confirmed handover for Wednesday 17/08.  Booked in an appointment with him for 9.30 am and then an appointment with our CSR, Sara at Eden Brae's head office for 11 am.  After that, the house is all ours finally!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

PCI Update

We had our PCI inspection yesterday at 9 am and we were finished within 2 hours.  All went well and we didn't find any major issues with the property.  I think we ended up with a list of about 8 things that needed to be done prior to handover.  The bricks are going to be cleaned again and the roof tiles checked. The other issues are fairly minor and include painting touch ups and installing a missing antenna point.  Our SS advised that he would call us when those items were finished. 
At this stage we are looking at handover around the 15th August.  The floor installation is already booked in for that week as well.  Telstra is booked in for the 19th August.  Fingers crossed for a smooth run until then.