Saturday, 13 August 2011

So much to do...so little time!

Had a busy Saturday today.  Woke early and went with Ben to pick up our TV antenna that he ordered last week.  Also bought our clotheslines which we will most definitely need once we move in.  Debated on what would best suit our backyard and finally decided on the Hills Duo fold down lines.  Gives us 23m of hanging space.  We bought two of them as we have enough space on our back wall to fit them.

Supa Fold Duo Midnight Sky
Back at the house, the bricks have been cleaned again and the portaloo has been taken away.  Met another new neighbour Matt, who is owner building. Excavation on his block was completed on Thursday and the slab starts on Monday.  Also met our neighbour J who is still deciding on what he's going to build on his block.
Starting packing and cleaning up the house that we're in at the moment.  The removalist is booked in for the end of the week.  Still so much to do though.

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  1. You looks good while hanging clothes on those clotheslines. Gets new neighbor always gives you good feelings.