Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Settling In

It seems like all I've been doing since moving into this new home, is clean.  The builders clean was pretty bad.  The installation of the wooden floors didn't help as it created a whole lot of dust.  I have been wiping down skirting boards and window frames.  Thankfully, we don't have window coverings as yet as it would have been a major job to clean those.
We had more furniture delivered this week.  Our square dining table and 8 chairs were delivered.

My son's new queen size bed together with new mattresses for him and Princess A were delivered as well.  The inside of the house is slowly taking shape and starting to look a lot neater as the wardrobes and fit out of my walk in robe were finally done today.  I say finally, as the supplier we decided to use moved the installation dates on us twice.  They called yesterday to move it again to this Friday.  Ben demanded they keep their scheduled booking for today.  So Perfect Wardrobes from Smithfield were far from perfect when it came to turning up to do the job.  The guy they sent had a major attitude problem as well.  You'd think he was paying us for the installation of the cupboards.  Well at least they're done now.
Princess S's cupboards with mirror
Last Saturday we had my son's mates Richie, Bazza and Lloyd  come over to excavate around the house.  He levelled the yard so that we can start the landscaping.  Dug up the clay soil so we can add good soil for the base of the lawn and organic mix for the garden beds.  Thanks guys for a great job.

Our little nephew Blake wanted to help

The next step is the concrete pathway to my washing line and the concrete slab for the air con unit and Ben's shed.  The concreter started with the form work on Monday and he should be pouring the concrete on Saturday.  So heaps happening through the week and heaps of money spent as well.  More spending to come I'm sure. 


  1. It definitely is a long term project! But remember, it will all be worth it! I'll be following in your footsteps with the cleaning too...not looking forward to that!

  2. How exciting. It was so nice to see the lights on tonight when we drove past. :)

    Happy exciting days ahead x