Saturday, 25 June 2011

These walls are smokin'

Another day, another step closer.  What a beautiful day in Sydney today. The weather was magical and I dragged Ben out of bed for an early start to our day.  Didn't want to waste a minute of the sunshine.  Drove over to the house and surprise surprise, there was work going on.  We didn't expect to see anyone at the house on a Saturday.  We knew that the tiler was due back on Monday, hope he gets the mosaic and more tiles he needs to complete the main bathroom.  We actually thought that everything else would have to wait until the tiler was finished.
Well, the painter was there doing the first coat of paint.  He told us that they call the first coat, the "show coat" as it reveals any blemishes and defects that the plasterers will have to fix later.  He was expecting to finish the "show coat" by this afternoon.  Then the walls will be sanded and checked before the next coat of paint was applied.  Now, this must mean that the end is near!  We chose Bristol "White Smoke" in low sheen on all our walls.  This should offset our dark floors nicely.  The skirting boards, architraves, eaves and doors are all been painted the same colour but in the gloss finish.  The ceilings and cornices will be white. Some rooms will have feature walls done after hand over.

Kitchen painted

Family Room

Master Bedroom painted

Furthermore, the plasterers were there to neaten up all the joints between the cornices.

Also noticed that the gas has been connected.  Wow, soon we'll be "cooking with gas!"


  1. Awesome news! Our SS won't start the painting until benchtops go on - due Monday - guess all builders do things slightly differently. When your tiler is done can you send him to ours? Our guy looks to be doing a great job - when he turns up!!!

  2. Lol, you are funny. Our poor tiler wanted to be finished by Monday, but he ran out of tiles and they still haven't given him the mosaic. I rang Di lorenzo and they said they were just waiting for delivery of the mosaic. Must say they are not very organised.

  3. You're hot on our tail Thigee! Looking great!

  4. Karla, we're not doing our flooring with EB, the next major thing is the driveway and solar electrical panels need to be installed. Hoping we're not too far behind you.