Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tiling Update

Tiling has now well and truly started for all our wet areas. The tiler started on the main bathroom first.  Our choices for the main bathroom are:

  • Main Tile- Palatino Flax (light grey) 200 x 600 mm
  • Feature tile- Baroque Scroll Tile in Black
The main bathroom tiling is going up to shower height, 1.8m all around laid horizontally.  The feature tile has been used in the shower niche and the entire left wall opposite the shower.  The free standing bath which we've bought ourselves will stand alongside this wall.  The black feature tile has also been laid between the vanity and mirror. The floors are a dark grey.  The tiler told us he ran out of tiles, don't know how Di Lorenzo did their calculations.  SS has already been advised by the tiler and apparently he was on the phone to Di Lorenzo straight away.

Feature tile, freestanding bath to be installed in front of
the windows

claw foot tub for main bathroom

Feature tile between vanity and mirror ,to be installed

We chose the following tiles for our ensuite:

  • Main Tile- large rich cream tile 300 x 600 mm 
  • Feature Tile- Baroque wallpaper mosaic in turquoise blue and silver
The feature tile will run down the right side of the shower.  The floors will be veneer coffee.  The Chinese tiler, Hunter advised he could'nt complete our ensuite as the feature tile was not delivered as yet.  He should get that by Monday and then the wall tiles will be done.  The cream tile will be laid horizontally.

Hunter, busy laying the ensuite floor tiles

Love our kitchen splash back tile.  It is a large glass tile, 600 x 600mm which will be laid horizontally.  It has silver metallic flecks embedded in it.  The colour changes between a dark brown and black depending on the lighting.  I asked for charcoal grout as well to keep the continuity of the colour as much as possible.  Tiling will continue up to the bulkhead. The same tile will be used as a splash back for the butlers pantry sink.  Hunter couldn't lay these tiles either as the bench top needs to be installed first.  He told me SS has been advised of this as well.

BTW, these cupboards are a light creme, my
camera makes it look pinkish.
So we expect the bench tops to be installed before the weekend.  The carpenter has to also return to complete the architrave for the sliding cavity door to our walk in robe.  The tiler needs this done so that he can tile around the architrave.  Very happy with the tiling done by the friendly Hunter.  He looks like a Chinese rock star with his long hair.  Even has the name to suit.  Looking forward to next week and the completion of the tiling.  Whats next?  Painting maybe....


  1. wow, can you believe how your home is coming together so quickly? you will be in before you know it!
    I was just wondering, how the study/multi-room is being incorporated into your home design, are you leaving it as is or making it part of the master bedroom? or something else entirely? I'm just curious to see what you guys are doing!!
    Helen M

  2. Helen, we incorporated the multi room into our master bedroom. We don't need it as our kids have lap top computers and they all sit in their rooms most of the time. I have now have a massive room with a parent's retreat.

  3. Thigee, your bedroom will be huge!! lots of space, great choice.

  4. Hi there, I just came across your blog and would like to know if you have Hunter's contact number as I need some tiling work done.