Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"And all that Jazz"

It's time for the finishing touches. Oh, that sounds so good.  We are really starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Cornices were delivered on the weekend and installed today and it's all looking really good now with our high ceilings.  We chose to use the funky "Jazz" cornice for the living areas.  Really like the modern look of it. Cove designed cornices were installed for the remaining areas.

Architraves are obviously due next as they were delivered yesterday. We asked the SS to have the skirting boards tacked in lightly so we can remove them easily for the bamboo floors to be done after handover.  Speaking of bamboo floors we have been negotiating with Trishen, the manager of Just Floors in Castle Hill.  They have an extensive range of bamboo flooring and they gave us a fantastic quote.  Also found out that they do shutters and blinds as well now.

Doors were delivered on Tuesday.  Our front door is the pivot door, Infinity INF 6G by Corinthian doors.  It will be stained Chocolate brown.
Front Door

My master bedroom door is a timber door, Elegance (Elegant Oak) . The cavity sliding doors for our Media room, are Eden 3 panel with obscure glass.  Our pantry door is the Windsor 21, with obscure glazing.  All the other doors are standard flush doors.  Unfortunately, the arrival of the doors also means we will be locked out soon.  We presume that the carpenter is due soon as everything he needs to complete his jobs, have now been delivered.

Water proofing of the wet areas was also completed today and the tradies told Ben that it will be inspected tomorrow.  Our friends who recently moved into their new Wisdom home close to our house, called tonight to say that there was someone at the house.  They went over to check who it was and called back to advise that the walls were being sanded.  We were really surprised that someone was working on the house at 7pm.


  1. Well, how good is your build going!! Your fancy cornices is a lovely feature! It is hard to adjust to being locked out after being able to access the house any time for so long. I can't even see in the windows as they are all 'gooped'.Sanding the walls...I take it that is in prep for painting...you'll leapfrog us before you know it!

  2. wow things are progressing very fast now, Thigee! Great news!! Not long now...

  3. It's coming along beautifully! LOVE the cornices!

  4. Kylie, I didn't even know that they sand the walls. Built 3 houses and never noticed that before. Also didn't know that they were allowed to work so late...council regulations and all. Our kitchens should be going in soon, can't wait.
    I love the cornices too, very retro. Thanks ladies.