Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's a Celebration!

Today's my birthday and I have been celebrating all day.  So much happened so far this week at the house with the plumbing and electrical fit out completed.  The doors have had the locks installed and it means we really can't get in now.  We have to ring the SS or sneak in when a tradie is working on the house.  Here are some pictures of the fittings so far.
Toilet roll holders

Towel rail in main bathroom

Towel rail in ensuite

IXL tastics in both bathrooms

Alfresco gas fitting

Mixer tap in ensuite

Door handles 

Power point to island bench

Alarm control panel

Ducted vacuum outlet

Just a bit annoyed with the electrician though.  When I went over there today noticed that they attempted to cut the kitchen splash back tile to fit the power point but cracked it instead.  Phoned the SS and asked if he can ensure that this is fixed.  He assured me that he has arranged for the tiler to return and fix the cracked tile.  I hope he means that it will be removed and replaced with a new tile. Furthermore, the plumber had to break the skirting tiles in the toilets to install the toilets which have to fit flush against the wall.  If you look at the picture below closely you'll notice the broken tiles behind the toilet.  The SS assures me he has already organised this to be fixed as well.  Lets see what happens.


With the driveway booked in for next week there doesn't seem much more left for Eden Brae to do except the cleaning of course.   It would have just made my day if the SS called with a PCI date today.  Will just wait in anticipation....


  1. All but done by the looks of it! Just those couple of pesky things to fix. Lock in a date for PCI and you'll be laughing. Happy Birthday too!

  2. Oh wow Thigee, you have caught up to us lol! :) Happy birthday, wishing you all the happiness!!

    P.S I just posted a video on my blog with the same song "celebration" in the background hahaha how funny!! Great minds think alike ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Thigee!! All the best :)

  4. Happy, happy Birthday Thigee!!! Wow a double celebration.... your Birthday and your new home, yay!! All the best,
    Helen M xx

  5. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

  6. Hey Thigee. It was my birthday yesterday!!! Next year there will have to be a party at The Ponds!!!!!!!!! I hope that you have had a lovely day today. Bel

  7. Hang on.. .I've just re read your post. My birthday is the 14th July too...... We can be birthday twins...... :)

  8. Triple birthday next year...mine is the 9th...happy to drag it out a bit longer! :-)

  9. Sorry ladies, I was at a wedding and stayed in the city over the weekend, didn't see your comment Bel and Caz. Next year we'll have a street party. Really celebrate.

  10. Oh, by the way Happy Belated birthday to you both!