Monday, 18 July 2011

The lights are on, but no one's home!

We are electrified.  Someone kindly put globes in the light points so when we went by tonight, we didn't need our torch as we could just flick a switch. Very convenient.  Here are some pictures of the house tonight.

Princess S's room

Entry and Hallway

Main Bathroom
Butlers Pantry

Noticed that our front door has been stained as well now.  The painter told me he had the ideal colour to match the timber beam and he was right, it really looks good and does match perfectly.

The stuff up by the electrician with the broken splash back tiles has also been rectified today, thanks to the fantastic tiler Hunter.  I was worried about how he was going to remove the cracked tiles and it seems he managed to do a perfect job.



He also fixed the tiles behind the toilets, as the plumber had to crack these tiles to install the toilets flush to the wall.

We hope the next step is the installation of the shower screens,  shelving to the butler's pantry, installation of the mirrors and the big clean up prior to the PCI.  Our driveway is due to start this week, weather permitting.  Come on SS, give us a PCI date.


  1. I'd be starting to nag for a PCI date if I was you! We don't get to do the 'turn the lights on' thing until we hook up the electricity after handover - how fun for you!

  2. Yeah Kylie, I should be asking him for a PCI date, I know but I don't want to come across as being too pushy. Shower screens, shelving to the butlers pantry, and mirrors are due by the end of this week. The driveway is due this week and then that's it really. Praying that it's soon.

  3. Hey Aunty Thigs, this is like MTV cribs ;D
    Nice clean lines, can't wait to see when its complete.

  4. Thanks Lu, not as glamarous as some of those cribs though. Keep posted to my blog, much more to come.