Saturday, 31 December 2011

How are you spending your New Years Eve????

Well, guess what we're doing for New Years Eve.  Were up early this morning, did a 45 minute walk around our new neighbourhood and it was soooo quiet and peaceful.  Then got into the real work for the day.
Our two Ornamental Pear trees have been waiting patiently for us to plant them in.  Decided that it was a job we could not put off any longer.  So in they went.
Ben did some final work on the front deck, washed it off and we started the staining of the timber.  It's been a while since we finished the deck and leaving it for a while ensured that the wood leached a bit which is what was advised by a few experts on decking.  Used an "Intergrain" wood stain in the merbau colour.

So what's planned for tonight.  Well a nice quiet BBQ at home with the family.  Will be finding a comfortable spot in front of the tele with a glass of wine in hand to see in the New Year.


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  1. Hi Thigee!

    We miss reading your blog updates! How is the new house and neighbourhood!

    pyara sa ghar