Wednesday, 4 April 2012


During the planning stages for our house we had decided on having wallpaper feature walls in the main bedroom and my older daughter's bedroom.  She wanted the New York skyline in black and white and we managed to source that from a wallpaper/mural  supplier via the internet.  Worked out to  be far cheaper than buying it here in Oz anyway.  It came in 8 pieces.
I wanted an elegant and luxurious looking wallpaper for my bedroom.  Thanks to Ebay I found the perfect wallpaper and prior to purchasing it the seller was happy to send me a sample so that I could make sure it would fit in with my colour schemes.
The problem we had was getting the wallpaper hung.  After three "no shows" by the wall paper hangers, we decided to tackle it ourselves.
Watched a few YouTube videos on hanging wallpaper and did more research on the web.  All the websites suggest that you use a primer on the wall first.  The primer allows for better adhesion of the wallpaper and also makes it easier to remove the wallpaper in the future.  So off we went to Bunnings again, the primer and glue came in under $50.
Princess S's room was our first project and we were quite pleased with the result.  You can judge for yourself.  Took us about half a day to complete and wasn't difficult at all.

Lighting is making it look yellow, but it really is black
and white.  That's the Princess in the corner of the picture.  

My room was next and by this time we were so much more confident with hanging the wallpaper.  Love the result and the fact that we saved a few hundred dollars by doing the walls ourselves.  


  1. Lovely!! And well done hanging it yourselves - not sure I would have been brave enough, LOL!

  2. They look great! I'm also in search of a nice feature wallpaper for our master bedroom. Could you possibly post a link to the eBay store you purchased from? Cheers, Ash.

  3. http://stores.ebay.com.au/AmazingGraceandMason?_trksid=p4340.l2563

    this is the link to the ebay store that I bought the wallpaper from.

  4. Hi Thigee,
    Can you tell me where you purchased the new York mural from? Thanks so much.