Thursday, 14 April 2011


Noticed that the windows, stacker door and door frames were delivered yesterday.  I really like the colour of the windows (woodland grey).  Just can't wait to see how it goes with the bricks.  They all just need to be installed now in preparation for the bricking.  

Frame for the pivot door

The plumbers were there today, doing the gas plumbing.  Lots of piping leading to the planned gas points in the family room, kitchen and alfresco.  


  1. very nice!!
    I was at The Ponds on Sunday to move the tree that is in front of our block. I didn't think I saw framing on your part of build but it looks like it didn't take long for them to do.
    I'm getting anxious as to when we can start building...

  2. Wow that's very exciting! Cannot wait to see some pics of it up with the bricks :)

    Where abouts are you guys? Might have a sticky beak over the weekend :P

  3. Tonia, we are on Lot 4229 copper Street, bricks arrived this morning, so on track for bricking next week if it doesn't rain, of course.

    skypiea, the frames stage went really quick, your start date should be soon, must be exciting.