Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bricking @ 99.5%

As promised more photos from today.

Front, no pillars done as yet.

Left Side complete

View from front door, looks so long
Well, the bricking is 99.5% done now.  Drove up to the house this afternoon and the brickie was just driving away.  So he did do some work today after all.  Only the two pillars left to do in the front patio.  Well at least not another beautiful day was lost.
We then had a very busy Saturday sorting out the lighting.  We drove all the way to Ingleburn Lighting.  Nick was very helpful and explained all the different LED globes. He explained things like colour, beam angle and brightness. We have been to so many lighting "specialists" and always walked out more confused.  Finalised exactly how many we needed and managed to negotiate a good price.  I also decided on my fitting for over the benchtop.  Really like this one as it is satin chrome on the outside with an opal white inner lining.  It is 1.3m across.  

Chose these lights to hang from the ceiling on either side of my bed in the master bedroom,  instead of bed side lamps.  They are 300 mm in diametre and have a modern crystal look.

Bedrooms 3 and 4 will have brushed chrome ceiling fans with a light.  We also bought a brushed chrome fan for the alfresco and will add 4 down lights around that as well.


  1. Verrrry nice! We're having similar fans with lights in the bedrooms and I've thought before about hanging lights instead of lamps - great idea! Love all your light choices.

  2. Ooh - love the ones you chose for your bedroom :)

  3. We drove by the block on Saturday too! We must have just missed you guys. We saw the brickie guy doing some work at the left hand side of your house. :)

    Looks really great. Like your lighting choices.

  4. SkyPiea, yes we must have just missed each other. He finished that left side but he has the pillars at the front to finish. I think he needs them to install the beam first. The SS is back from holidays tomorrow so we should see some more work being done.