Sunday, 1 May 2011

Retail Therapy

The bad weather has only resulted in us resorting to some retail therapy this weekend.  Bought a few more things for our bedrooms.

Frameless mirror for Sandrika's room

2 cut glass candlestick holders
for my room
2 x 60cm by 30cm chandelier stickers
for Sandrika's room 

The update on the house is that the brickwork is more than half complete.  We went over to the site yesterday, Saturday and the bricklayer was busy working on the laying of  the plain bricks for the front portion which will eventually be rendered.  Hope the weather behaves for the next week so the bricking is completed soon.

We attended a Ponds Dreaming Art Workshop at The Ponds on Saturday morning and worked with the artist Jill Chism, who was commissioned to do the artwork for around the main lakeside park near the Blackthorn release.  Was a really interesting morning spent meeting other residents of the area and we participated in a brainstorming session on ideas of what was important to us in the area.  
Some of these ideas will be used in the artwork, which is being made from glass and stainless steel.  It will be lit up at night by LED lights.  I was really impressed with the artist and some of her previous work.  Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


  1. Love your purchases! Hope the weather clears up for the rest of your bricking! Can't wait to see some pics.

  2. Thanks Karla, loving the shopping at the moment. Waiting for it all to take shape when we get into the house.