Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"It's Electrifying"

"I've got eaves, they're multiplying
and I'm losing control
cause the doors, are ready for sliding
It's electrifying"

This post is dedicated to my friend Melinda, you said you loved my cheesy titles.
We had a tradie overload today.  Ben went over this morning and rang me to report that there were at least 8 utes parked around the house with tradies galore busily working on the house, some in the heavy rain.  Two guys were working in the rain to install the eaves (thank you guys).  Carpenters were busy installing the frames and track for the cavity sliding doors and electricals were done today as well.   The main power box was installed with a lot of wires all over the frame in accordance with the electrical plan we agreed on.
The ducting for our vacuum system was installed.  We're also having the solar panels installed by EB so looks like they did some preliminary work on that as well.  We're doing our air conditioning ourselves and my son (with Ben doing most of the work I'm sure) will be doing the down light installation.  The council and Tyrell's inspection is due later this week.  I've got to say, loving your work EB!

Eaves above the garage

Downpipes installed

Cavity installed for sliding doors to media room

Frame done for bulkhead in passageway

Ducting for vacuum

Electricals at front door


  1. You better shape up...cos thigee needs to see the hayman..and her heart is set on the you eden brae...lol

  2. LOL, You are so funny Tonia.

  3. 8 utes...that sounds like a record!