Friday, 6 May 2011

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change!

So after nearly three weeks, including public holidays and LOTS of rainy days, our bricking is nearly finished.  They're really testing my patience.  Today was a perfect day but Ben went over there,  low and behold, no one was there to finish the last bit of bricking.  Maybe they ran out of cement or something, I thought.  Then again maybe they just decided to take a day off.  Was really not impressed.  "Don't stress", said Ben. " It's  like 99% finished.".  Well I want it to be 100% finished and soon.
It seems to be well worth the wait anyway because the brick layer is doing a great job.  Cannot find a fault as yet, a very neat and professional job.  Going to get him back after handover to do our post box as well.  Only thing is it might take him a week to finish, LOL.
I am more than happy with the bricks though  and glad we chose the off white mortar.  Amazing how big it all looks too. Come on now guys hurry up and finish this thing so we can get the gutters, fascias and roof on.  Cannot wait to see how the colours all come together.  Here are some pictures, will add more tomorrow:

Right Side of house

Rear of house with alfresco


  1. The shape of the looks awesome Thigee! Bricks look yummy too :) Will check them out tomorow on my daily stalk session of my house LOL xo

  2. I meant to say the shape of the roof looks awesome! haha

  3. I would love to trade waiting time with you but of course I would get the better end of the deal :P hahaha...

    Looks great. Will go and have a look on my weekly drive around tomorrow or Sunday :)

    Last week when I went to our block I saw a silver 4WD in front of your brother's block. I'm assuming that was your brother?

  4. Looks great! The rest will be up before you know it :)

  5. Skypiea, that would have been my brother, you should have gone over and said, Hello!. He loves to talk. He is patiently waiting for Elderton to start. Everythings ready to go but the weather held things up a bit for him.

    Tonia do a walk thru, the gate is never locked.

    Karla, thanks I love the way your house is coming together. Lovely colour choices. Very classy.