Saturday, 28 May 2011

True Colours

"I see your true colors 
shining through 
I see your true colors 
and that's why I love you 
so don't be afraid to let them show 
your true colors 
true colors are beautiful 
like a rainbow"

Render done and our bricks have been cleaned  today.  Didn't think anything would be done today but I drove over to the house and two guys were busy blasting the bricks.  The bricks have really revealed their true colors.  They are looking fantastic.  Exactly how I hoped they would turn out. The ugly scaffolding just needs to be removed from the roof now.  Don't know what happened to the guys who do the eaves.  All the material is still sitting outside the garage, open to the elements. Everything is blending in beautifully now.  Looking good!  We even met fellow bloggers, the lovely Bel and Phil who are building, The reedman home,   a street away from us.  Also met a few of the other neighbours from around us.  Seems like all the neighbours were out checking on their builds today.


  1. Bricks look fantastic. Love work on a Saturday...we had work at ours today too:)

  2. I was over at our place on Saturday and saw a couple of guys were cleaning your bricks. Looks fantastic!!!

    I was taking some photos of the early delivered frame but I couldn't taking photos of your place also cause it was so good :P let me know if you want the pictures and I will send them to you.

  3. Skypiea, thanks for the offer. Please email the pictures to thigee@hotmail.com